Modelling Exposure Through Earth Observation Routines (METEOR)

June 23, 2020


Official deliverables documents

METEOR: Propagation of uncertainty on disaster risk analyses Download
METEOR Project: ash fall hazard footprints for Rungwe Volcano, Tanzania Download
Addendum to Midline Evaluation Report v1.2 18 Sept 2020 Download
Tanzania baseline 2019 Download
Modelling Exposure through Earth Observation Routines Download
Exposure Data Classification, Metadata Population and Confidence Assessment Report Number: M3.2/P 06 February 2019 Download
Monitoring & Evaluation Plan Report Number: M2.2/P 31 May 2018 Download
Ground Data Collection Using Protocols Kathmandu, Nepal Report Number: 4.4/P 1 August 2019 Download
Protocols for Crowd-Sourcing Regional Exposure Data Report Number: M4.3/P 11 February 2019 Download
Mapping of Exposure Report Number: WP4.2/P 1 December 2018 Download
Import Existing Data into OSM Report Number: WP4.1/P 31 August 2018 Download