Modelling Exposure Through Earth Observation Routines (METEOR)

June 23, 2020


METEOR Official deliverables and documents

METEOR: a case study Download
Monitoring & Evaluation Plan Report Number: M2.2/P 31 May 2018 Download
Baseline Design Document Report Number: M2.3/P 14 September 2018 Download
Baseline Evaluation Report Report Number: M2.4/P 15 February 2019 Download
Midline Design Document Report Number: M2.5/P August 2019 Download
Midline Evaluation Report Report Number: M2.6/P 27 March 2020 Download
Midline Design Document Report Number: M2.8/P 15 December 2020 Download
Endline Evaluation Report M2.9/P 31 March 2021 Download
METEOR: Legacy Evaluation Report Report Number: M2.11/P 18 March 2022 Download
Exposure Data Classification, Metadata Population and Confidence Assessment Report Number: M3.2/P 06 February 2019 Download
METEOR : bridge to commercial CAT model. Report M3.4c/P 27 October 2022 Download
METEOR : open source taxonomy, data model and documentation. Report M3.5/P 27 October 2022 Download
Import Existing Data into OSM Report Number: WP4.1/P 31 August 2018 Download
Mapping of Exposure Report Number: WP4.2/P 1 December 2018 Download
Protocols for Crowd-Sourcing Regional Exposure Data Report Number: M4.3/P 11 February 2019 Download
Ground Data Collection Using Protocols Kathmandu, Nepal Report Number: 4.4/P 1 August 2019 Download
Ground Data Collection Using Protocols II Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Report Number: 4.5/P 24 September 2020 Download
Definition of taxonomy for multi-peril vulnerability Report Number: M5.1/P 25 October 2018 Download
Collection of Loss Data and Development of Vulnerability Models Report Number: M5.2/P 22 April 2020 Download
Assessment of Vulnerability Uncertainty Report Number: M5.3/P 8 April 2020 Download
Propagation of uncertainty on disaster risk analysesReport Number: M5.4/P 10 February 2021 Download
Hazard Footprints for Nepal and Tanzania. M6.1/P 19 March 2019 Download
Methods for Analysing Multi-Hazards with Exposure. M6.2/P 16 January 2020 Download
Landslide Methodology Report. M6.2b/P 22 April 2020 Download
Draft Protocols on Hazard and Exposure Modelling. M6.3/P 30 November 2020 Download
DAC Stakeholder Training Reports. Report Number M8.9/P Download